Trailer Trash! – Star Trek Beyond Trailer #2


Justin Lin (Fast & Furious, Fast Five, Furious 6 etc etc) helms the third of Paramount’s rebooted Star Trek film franchise, picking up where JJ Abrams left off. Today a new trailer dropped and by crikey it’s an improvement over the previous one. Lin’s a director with the chops to pull this thing together and inject the modern “action” sensibility to the frantic goings-on established by Abrams back in ’09. That said, the conversation around where they’re planning on taking the crew of the Enterprise this time around has me slightly worried, if for nothing else than it’s outside my comfort zone. Bring it on, I say! Check out the new trailer after the jump.

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5 thoughts on “Trailer Trash! – Star Trek Beyond Trailer #2

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  2. It certainly looks better than the first trailer. But it looks like they are destroying the Enterprise again. How many times must they go back to that well?

    1. As much as they…….. (wait for it)…………….. (it'll be worth it)……… CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNN

      (okay, maybe not worth it)

  3. I’m not completely sold on the Star Trek reboot but then again there was only one out of the first original franchise films that stood the test of time (Wrath of Khan). And only two out of the first five that I actually like. If they plan to make a dozen films within the rebooted franchise, some are bound to stick!

    1. Interesting you're not a big fan of original Trek in the first place, that's a surprise. I don't mind NuTrek (at least it's Trek in some version, rather than nothing) but it's too beholden to modern flash-n-bang filmmaking than the stuff Roddeneberry wanted, which is a shame. This new film looks to be more of the same, and I'm okay with that. I have faith in Justin Lin moreso than the franchise, so I'm hoping he brings it home.

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