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One of the hottest actors working today, Michael Fasbender, has made a name carving out terrific performances in everything from Shame, 12 Years A Slave, Steve Jobs and the number of X-Men films he’s had a shot in. Now, the Fass takes on another franchise, the video-game-film adaptation of Assassin’s Creed, directed by Snowtown and Macbeth helmer Justin Kurzel (an Aussie, yay!) and set in the world of the popular game. The film is due to hit our shores in December, and you can check out the first official trailer after the jump!

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4 thoughts on “Trailer Trash! – Assassin’s Creed

  1. This looks horrible. Yet another shitty video game adaptation. I had hopes that Assbender wouldn't do this without a good script, but it looks like I'm wrong. I wonder how much money they paid him to agree to be in this garbage heap.

    1. I always worry when a trailer shows great visuals but not the central character speaking. As I'm not a gamer I have no idea about this film (like, you know, the plot) but it gives off a very Matrix-y vibe that will either ruin it, or make it, for me. I like to think Assbender wouldn't appear in a film without an A-grade script, but you're right, this film has a steep hill to climb to make it a must-watch for the non-gamers among the audience.

  2. So relieved this looks good. I was hoping Warcraft would be the saviour of video game movies but when I saw that Orcs were cartoony CGI monsters except for the female Orc who's just Paula Patton in green paint coz she's hot I knew it wasn't that beacon of hope I was after. This looks like a proper movie with proper direction and performances and stunts. And it managed to capture the spirit of the games perfectly. Let's just hope Kanye doesn't get any music in the film.

    1. Grrrrr freakin' Kanya Asshat West.

      Yeah, look I'm not a big gamer (hell, I'd barely rank as a small one, if I'm being honest) so neither Assassin's Creed or Warcraft appeal to me outside of being visual effects spectacles. That said, of the two I'm leaning more towards AC because it looks vaguely sci-fi-ish, whereas Warcraft's use of CG could cause it to turn out badly if the "look" isn't consistent. Duncan Jones hasn't made a bad film yet, though, so I'll reserve judgment until I see it.

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