From The Editor – A new logo & The Landmark Series begins!


Afternoon folks!

Well, if you’re a sharp eyed observer you’ll have already noticed our shiny new site logo at the top of this page. We’ve stepped away from our favourite font, Impact, for the first time since 2008, and removed the “busy” looking film-reel motif that’s been around since we upgraded the site midway through 2015. The reason for the changes are two-fold.

First, we wanted the site to retain its professional look and feel, and the slanted Impact logo we’ve been using kinda felt a bit messy compared to past efforts. Following a few months of dithering about what our new logo would consist of, and following consultative conversations with people in the marketing field, the “Blue Ribbon” design has been partially scrapped in favour of a cleaner, less cluttered look on all our review logos moving forward. The blue band will remain in place but in a less prominent position around the site.

Secondly, it was pointed out that the Impact font had become the default for internet meme text, an idea we were trying to avoid where possible, so it made sense to change our logo font up to something a little less associated with “Ehrmagherd, Gehrl”.

In the months to come you’ll find our new logo working its way across all new content here at the site. We hope you like it.

The other item of interest to bring to your attention is that on Saturday we’ll publish the first in our ten-part series entitled Landmark Films Of The 20th Century, which is as obvious as it will be regular. Each month we’ll post our ten landmark films of a particular decade, beginning with the years 1900-1909, until our final article in December. Each of these will arrive on the site on the first Saturday of each month. The series represents the film we consider to be of significance for each specific year, whether it be for a technological, creative, artistic or industry reason; feel free to argue the point in our comments section if you disagree with us!

This ongoing series will complement our other series, including the Icons of Horror and our Hitchcock work, which will continue throughout 2016.



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4 thoughts on “From The Editor – A new logo & The Landmark Series begins!

  1. I noticed the new logo yesterday, and my first thought was, "I can't remember what the old logo looked like." I guess I'm not very observant. Anyway, it does look nice, and it's always good to keep the page looking fresh.

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