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Morning folks! Hope your Sunday is as fantastic as ours! Why don’t you go make a cup of coffee, settle back, and get set for a journey to the far flung corners of the web!!!

Our Hyper Link series is our weekly celebration of some of the best stuff we’ve read online this week, from reviews, blogs, articles, jokes and everything film related, if we’ve liked it, we’ll link it here. Naturally, we can’t read everything, so if you’ve seen something you think should make the list, please let us know and we may include it in a future installment!

Without further ado, here’s our list of stuff we saw this week that tickled our fancy. Whatever a fancy is.

My man Dan steps on the bug that is Ant Man, Marvel’s latest release, with his terrific review!

Ruth over at FlixChatter had a really nice appreciation post for Stanley Webber, whose birthday it was this past week. Check out her photo-heavy post here.

Keith over at Keith At The Movies dodged the gnashing teeth of the Indominus Rex to give us this Jurassic World review. Our review will be along next month.

The big budget films just don’t stop, and neither does Nostra’s short, sharp, on-point review of Terminator: Genisys.

Speaking of Ant Man earlier, my good buddy Al K Hall over at The Bar None took some time out of his heavy drinking schedule to slur together an audio review of the Marvel flick, and you can listen to it here.

If you’re a fan of obscure, the weird, the low-budget, the cray-cray, I suggest checking out Will’s review site, Silver Emulsions. He’s just finished a complete look at the films of writer/director Sam Fuller. Here’s Will’s review of the last of Fuller’s TV work. Congrats to Will for this magnificent achievement, too!

It’s a few weeks old now, but Dan Grant over at Top 10 Films braved the controversy of putting a list together of the top 10 film lines of all time. No doubt some of you will disagree, so why not head over there and check it out!

Blogging sista Peggy checks out rising star and current “it girl” Amy Schumer’s latest offering, Trainwreck. You can see if the review lives up to the title!

Hilarious blogger Saint Pauly, from WTF!, slides into the week with a great look at George Miller’s recent action blockbuster, Mad Max: Fury Road. Plenty of pictures, double entendre and adult language inside!!! If you’re not reading St Pauly’s stuff, you’re really missing out.

Sati is a blogger I’ve admired for a while – her Game Of Thrones rants are something to behold – but her review of Melissa McCarthy’s latest, Spy, is a cracker as well.

Wendell over at Dell On Movies is a film reviewer I’ve recently discovered, and on Monday he posted a review of a film I really enjoyed, The Signal. Once you’ve read his review, you can also read ours, see what you think.

Lastly, The Brik, over at Awesomely Shitty, took a look at Jaws (a film he’d never seen) for its 40th Anniversary. Not only is the review great, but Brik’s also just celebrated his 7th year of blogging! If you’re after a no-shit approach to film reviews, I can honestly say he’s written some of the funniest reviews I’ve ever read.


That’s it folks. If you like what you read, please leave comments on the sites you visit, let people know you’re around! See you next week!


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