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1000th Review Celebration! – Our New Ratings System


Some time back, as we approached the impending publication of our 1000th review, we decided that that would be as good a time as any to change-up our movie ratings template. For 999 reviews, we’ve used a “10 star” system, which has served us well. But with such arbitrary allocation of a numerical value on a work of art, we’d been considering going over to a less restrictive alphabetical system, with room for “wiggles”.

So, as you’ll see below, we’ve gone with the A to F rating system, which is less specific and more….. “roughly right” than what we’ve been using to date. Starting with our 1000th review, you’ll see this new rating system begin.



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  1. Wendell June 2, 2015

    Going with an "E" grade, hmmm, interesting. I may have been by here to say this (too lazy to check), but I do want to say I love the new look.
    My recent post The Quick and Dirties: When Netflix Attacks!

    • Rodney June 2, 2015

      LOL yeah I like to give myself as much of an option as I can. Some films are a D, but there are those truly abominable movies that deserve much less.

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