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Hi friends! If you follow our official Facebook page, you will have seen a while ago that myself, as well as some special guests, recently filmed some footage for video reviews. Well, today I’m proud to present the first of those, on Into The Woods. You’ll note we recently published our written review of the same film, but we decided to go into a little more detail with the video version, just for the heck of it. [More after the jump.]

Longtime Fernby Film alum Michael Kubler (he who admins this website, amongst other things!), as well as one of my cats, Socks, joined me for the inaugural edition, so please give this one a watch and leave your feedback in the comments below! And now, here’s the video review!

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9 thoughts on “Video Review – Into The Woods

  1. I wasn’t a fan haha. I found the whole thing forgettable. Apart from some nice costumes, it just didn’t do anything for me. None of the songs were memorable and no one in the cast really stood out for me.

  2. i Chromecasted you guys on my big screen and you looked stellar. God but you guys are professional. i hope you had security there, because if a bomb had gone off there, Australia's bright future would've gone up in smoke. Quality, quality stuff.
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    1. LOL thanks mate. I never thought about streaming this onto my flatscreen to see how it looks – I'm a bit gutless in that way, I'd hate to be sitting there looking at all my flaws and pointing them out!! Give me a tiny browser size any day! LOL!!!!

      Thanks for the kind words, though. I'm hoping to get another one of these video reviews in the can soon!

    2. Ahh I'm loving my Chromecast for YouTube videos as well. That said, I can't bring myself to view footage of myself like this on a big screen (projector in my case).

      BTW Rodney : You forgot to give a shoutout to Flik for the camera work and audio handling, plus she's a star in the next reviews… When you get them edited and pumped out.

    1. Glad Socks is fast becoming a global internet superstar!

      Thanks mate, I have a couple more ideas for video reviews so hopefully we can give you what you ask for!!

  3. Really liked it. Excellent and thought provoking, good mix of personalities too!

    Some improvements I thought of…

    1) Socks should give a rating at the end!
    2) Maybe quiet background music from the film playing in the background as you speak.

    Awesome overall.

    1. Cheers mate, for popping in!! Glad you enjoyed it!

      1 – I'll put it to Socks and see what she says. Mostly "meeow", I think, but I'll ask.

      2 – Good suggestion. I'm gonna try doing that with my Ferncasts, and then if it works okay, do it for these video reviews as well. Thanks for the tip!

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