From The Editor – 1.1.2014

Happy New Year!!!


Happy 2014 everyone!!!

Right, now that we got that out the way, down to business.

2014 is going to be a time of change and excitement here at Fernby Films. Now, before you get your hopes up, no, we’re not going to start giving away movie tickets, nor are we going to provide escort services for you lonely men, but we are going to be realigning much of our upcoming content post-Oscars to coincide with the DVD/Digital/BluRay release schedule for most major films. Previously, we’re uploaded our reviews some three to six (or 8) months after the film is out on DVD, meaning that most of our reviews aren’t current. In order to try and give us a little more cinematic relevance, commencing the week after the Oscars, we’re going to be uploading review to films which are due to be, or have just been, released on DVD, BluRay, or digital download. In order to accommodate this, until then, we’re going to continue our daily review posting schedule, to clear up a lot of the backlog of reviews sitting in our schedule. By bringing our review schedule forward so far, we hope to snag new readers to current films in their release window.

Our Oscar celebrations kick off in mid-January, as we count down to the March 3rd (South Australian Time) broadcast of the 86th Academy Awards. As much as we’re able, we’re going to bring you reviews of all the Best Picture nominees (Nominees are announced on January 16th, in Los Angeles), in readiness for this event. You can also follow our Oscar coverage by liking our Facebook page, which is filled with all the relevant information you need to stay up to date. Go on, go click it now – it’s over there in the sidebar to the right! And, like last year, our rolling coverage of the Oscars will once again take place on the official Fernby Films Facebook page, so if you can’t be near a television (or have slow internet for streaming), you can always follow along with us, wherever you are in the world. There’s no business like show business, right?

That’s still a few months away, obviously, so what have we got coming up in January to keep you interested? Well, films such as Shame, The Croods, Epic, Kick-Ass 2, RIPD, White House Down, The Kings Of Summer (my early tip for an Oscar nomination), The Bling Ring and many others are all on the way. Later today we’ll publish our first effort of 2014, the vampire flick Byzantium (which, not to preempt our review, you should check out…) and then we’re into the daily posts, right up until the Oscars. It’s gonna be hectic, busy and frantic in the offices here, but we enjoy this stuff so much we don’t really mind!

Now, if you don’t mind, I have to go write some more reviews. No rest for the weary here!!

Rodney T – EIC,

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  1. Happy New Year.
    Can't wait to read your thoughts on Shame.
    My recent post TDL’s Alphabet Movie Meme

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