The New Look & Travel Plans

Good evening all. Thought I’d take a moment to fill in the regular readers on my upcoming trip to Europe. My gorgeous wife Lisa T and I are taking six weeks off to travel around Europe, and spend some time driving about Ireland.

A few years ago, just after Lisa and I were married, we started talking about our plan to go to Europe and see all the places we had seen in movies and photos and all those damned irritating travel shows. After several false starts, early in 07 we decided to start saving, and in November, we booked our tour.

We have embarked on a five week coach tour of Europe, and a 1 week expidition driving the winding roads of Ireland, so six weeks in all will be spent outside of Australia. For both of us, this is our first international holiday. The closest¬†I have ever been off mainland Australia is probably Grantie Island in Victor Harbor. For those who don’t know Victor Harbor, I suggest a trip to Google Maps to see for yourself just how pitiful that actually is.

Anyway, this Saturday we board our aircraft, and fly to London to begin the holiday we have been thinking about since… well, forever.

It goes without saying that you will not be seeing a post on this website for the duration of our holiday…. it is our intention to vanish off the face of the planet for six weeks and not have to worry about internets, bills, work or anything.

Of course, expect plenty of photos to be posted upon our return! For those interested, the link to the website we have our tour booked with is below. I encourage you to look at it and marvel at…. nay, bask in the wonderous glory that is our trip around Europe.

For Schoolyard Justice, I hope to have the audio and edit component of this project completed in time for my trip. I can then hand over to Mr Kubler to do his wonderous thing with special effects and the like; ready for my return on May 31st and the imminent premiere of the finished film. Keep checking out the official website, for updates and new info as it comes to hand.

This will not be my final post, just yet. I plan to keep posting until my computer is at Micks place ready for the transfer of video/audio into the final format.

In any case, I just wanted to forewarn loyal readers of the upcoming dearth in postings; not due to an unwillingless to keep you informed, but due to the fact that soon, the steets of Paris and the canals of Venice (among others!) will be rocking to the beat of the Fernby Films roadshow!

Another thing I should mention is the change in the website style. I wanted to go with a more intellectual look, and I think the current syle does that justice. Looks a little less blue, and a lot more classy. Of course, feel free to disagree, but there you go.

Here’s the link to the Kumuka website, and particularly to the tour Lisa and I will be doing.

Click on the “detailed itinerary” for more in depth details as to our event plan.

Talk soon, stay safe.


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