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Movie Review – Shortbus

I kinda see what John Mitchell was trying to do, but the amateurish performances and somewhat lack of polish on the entire production – regardless of the explicit sexual footage – give this verite film a raw, unfiltered glaze that doesn’t quite work like it should. It’s almost documentary style at times, in a way a little voyeuristic, which might make some viewers uncomfortable. Did I like Shortbus? Not really, but then, I’m sure there’s people out there who can appreciate the problems and feelings the people involved are going through.

Movie Review Raunchy Review

Movie Review – Room In Rome

Gorgeously shot, Room In Rome is driven by character while maintaining the allure of an “arthouse” film by including plenty of nudity. The two actresses do a good job of bringing more depth to their characters than the overt nudity might otherwise allow – this is about two people finding each other for the briefest of moments. In this regard, Room In Rome is an at-times moving, often beautiful film.

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