Christopher Nolan Movie Review

Movie Review – Interstellar

Brilliantly conceived and executed, Interstellar might have been the next leap-forward for sci-fi cinema, were it not for the broad-canvas scope withering the small-scale character narratives. Although it stumbles through some of its complex philosophical flourishes, and offers few answers to the questions it asks, I think this is a film worthy of viewing by anyone with a passing interest in humanity.

Christopher Nolan Movie Review The Dark Knight Trilogy

Movie Review – Dark Knight Rises, The

Utterly compelling conclusion to Nolan’s Batman trilogy, a film offering little respite from the darkness and despair accommodated by the previous two outings. Bale actually find the truth to the Bruce Wayne character, while Tom hardy is convincing even under a ¾ face mask – no mean feat – all the while the possible destruction of Gotham reverberates across the screen with every passing minute. A fitting – if lengthy – finale to one of the great trilogies of our time – nay, ever.

BluRay Review Christopher Nolan

Movie Review – Inception (Blu-Review)

Earlier this year, the majority of film critics and audiences were blown away with director Christopher Nolan’s follow-up to The Dark Knight, Inception. Inception is a film we’ve already reviewed here at, and you can follow this link to read it, but we thought we’d have a shot at giving you our thoughts on the BluRay presentation of the film, released back in December. Whether you like the film (or are among the twelve people on planet Earth who did not…. fools!) is irrelevant to your enjoyment of this BluRay version of the film, for it represents one of the formats most impressive visual and aural presentations to date.

Christopher Nolan Movie Review The Dark Knight Trilogy

Movie Review – Dark Knight, The

The Dark Knight is everything you could want in a Batman movie: violent and dark, truly inspired by the character, and seemingly without hope. Yet, throughout the film, the theme of hope is realised all the time, something you’d not think about until after the fact. I thoroughly enjoyed this film, although the tinge of sadness you feel that Ledgers performance can now never be repeated is somewhat offset by the thought that the set up for following instalments leaves the characters wide open to a new, brave director to try and capture. The Dark Knight is utterly recommended, and perhaps the greatest Batman film ever made.