Movie Review – Something From Tiffany’s (Mini Review)

Principal Cast : Zooey Deutch, Kendrick Sampson, Ray Nicholson, Shay Mitchell, Leah Jeffries, Jojo T Gibbs, Javicia Leslie, Stephanie Shepherd, Rose Abdoo.
Synopsis: A woman’s life is upended when an engagement ring intended for somebody else leads her to the person she’s meant to be with.


Gratingly inoffensive, Amazon’s latest foray into original Christmas filmmaking riffing on Hallmark is this stiflingly saccharine, immediately forgettable and predictable romance comedy that’s like eyeballing a thousand tons of sugar and watching it all go directly to your hips. It’s the kind of film that feels like it’s written by committee, made for background noise consumption and designed to be as snuggle-on-the-couch aww-shucks as humanly possible: Something From Tiffany’s works on the charm of its affable two leads, the conspicuous presence of a New York City Christmas, and the ubiquitously non-controversial drama that these seasonal fluff pieces contain.

Zooey Deutch and Kendrick Sampson play destined lovers – he buys an expensive ring from Tiffany’s with the intension of asking his girlfriend to marry him, while she is in a go-nowhere relationship with a complete dropkick who is under pressure to put a ring on it. When the dropkick boyfriend and Sampson’s successful writer character accidentally bump into each other, resulting in their Tiffany-store gifts being swapped, it creates a not-quite-cute mixup of expectations for each couple, one that eventually brings both Deutch and Sampson together in spite of their varied current partnership issues. Naturally, there’s a precocious child, an asshole boyfriend, a lovely yet ill-treated girlfriend, a loving lesbian couple (who provide the film’s comedic relief), and naturally the denizens of New York City.

It’s crisply directed without a shred of flourish, a low-budget New York adventure under the stars that will satisfy most Hallmark aficionados (the film is bannered under Amazon’s streaming platform, Prime, as original content) and is perfect for viewing the week before Christmas after you’ve had some alcohol. Something From Tiffany’s is patently stupid, utterly moronic and never once tests the audience ability to understand what’s happening, and is as cartoonishly predictable as almost every other entrant in this vapid, inane subgenre. Honestly, it’s perfectly fine, but unremarkable.

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