4 thoughts on “Movie Review – Bad Girls (1994)

  1. First, thanks for joining this year! I really appreciate it.

    I remember liking this well enough, but certainly not loving it when I saw it years ago. The thing that stood out to me most was Madeline Stowe’s performance. She is most definitely better than the movie she’s in. I don’t recall many of the details, but your criticism of it seems to ring true to my overall impression of it.


    1. The acting was really bad in this, I struggled to consider it D-worthy even. Every scene and moment just felt so forced. It’s like they took The Quick And The Dead and stripped all the humour and fun out and tried to make it too serious to work well. Just a failure in every regard. Except for Stowe, she was committed in a truly dreadful role.

  2. You pretty much nailed what is wrong with this film. It was a passable Western with a twist which aspired to be much more than its parts would ever add up to.

    What I enjoyed the most when I watched it was seeing how the four women interacted on screen because from everything I’ve read it was a hellacious shoot with to put it mildly none of them got along behind the scenes.

    1. TBH, I had more fun watching a young Drew Barrymore than I did just about anything else in this thing. I didn’t know their were issues behind the scenes, that makes for some tantalising gossip!

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