15 thoughts on “Movie Review – Compulsion (2016)

  1. I have to agree that Compulsion isn’t much of a movie. Quite a bit of the action of the film is open to interpretation, and in that sense portents a weak story. I thought I would get at least one unanswered question illuminated by the review. I do not, but I find that it is all it deserves. Here is my 1. At the end, Alex, in the car, doesn’t look at Sadie. Why? Is he pissed off that Sadie has killed him, twice?

    1. The unanswered question I have regarding this movie is what the thought process behind it being made in the first place was…. Sadly, I can’t answer your question, and I’m not about to dig deeper into this miasma to even try…. Thanks for dropping in, though Wes.

  2. Hey, cut this film a little slack, will you? It scared the shit out of me. It was beautifully put together, and sorry – you have to give the creators a lot of credit. Mr. Twelftree is wallowing in clever put-downs here, but his grammar is more shocking to me than the movie.

  3. Yep did check the run time a few times & largely agree with your review but your choice of vocabulary is almost as obnoxious as the film itself

  4. The movie did need more substance in story, but visually was enticing. I thought it was a metaphorical film for compulsive behavior, but looking at it literally as a real world cult, the movie still suffers from my first point.

  5. This movie lacked a plot and made no sense. Soft core lesbian scenes failed to make the movie titillating and the leading actress had zero appeal.

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