Trailer Trash! – Blair Witch


Remember a few years back a little film came out that scared the bejeebers out of an entire generation of cinemagoers? It was called The Blair Witch Project, and it became an international phenomenon, inspiring countless parodies, imitators and clones, spurring the “found footage” genre to greatness (and dire schlock, if we’re honest) and becoming a sub-genre all to itself. The years have not been kind to the found footage genre, but this new take on the premise, Blair Witch (formerly titled The Woods until its recent reveal to be a secret Blair Witch sequel similar to 10 Cloverfield Lane’s sudden arrival as a Cloverfield sequel) is touted as a return to form for a style of filmmaking that has largely jumped the shark. Time will tell: at least the trailer looks creepy, although tapping in to the original film’s most terrifying elements seems to indicate it’s going to use our memory of that film to make this film more frightening, rather than try something new.

I hope I’m wrong. The trailer for Blair Witch arrives after the jump!

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    1. Ha ha, you and I have different opinions on the found footage genre. I'm less excited by this as you are, obviously! LOL

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