Trailer Trash – Starting From Now!


In case you’re new to Fernby Films, you might not know (mainly through our social media platforms) that we’re a big supporter of local Aussie web-series Starting From Now, a web-based mini-series based around the dramas of four inner-city Sydney lesbians. We’ve covered the show here, and our wider thoughts on the LGBT community’s storytelling prowess here. Well, following several months of shooting and post-production, director Julie Kalceff and her team have dropped a fresh-as-a-daisy trailer for the impending release of Season 4, set to début online in March. Check it out after the jump.

Things I can’t wait to see resolved (or at least continued with) is the on-and-off again relationship between Steph (Sarah De Possesse) and Darcy (Rosie Lourde), poor Kristen’s (Lauren Orrell) journey from her self-destructive path to one of emotional recovery, and the white-hot Bianca Bradey (Wyrmwood) as Emily, who seems to have finally found somebody solid, if this trailer is anything to go by.

Boasting an expanded cast of guest-actors, including Lauren Dillon, Julia Billington, Clementine Mills and Aussie television icon Gretel Killeen, Starting From Now’s hugely anticipated 4th season looks set to drop in early March. We’ll keep you covered here!

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