4 thoughts on “Movie Review – 22 Jump Street

  1. Whoa, a full score! I actually enjoyed the first one, it was preposterously hilarious. Nice that the sequel manages to surpass that, I'll definitely be renting it.

    1. This film and Guardians Of The Galaxy have been easily the most entertaining films I've seen for 2014. Both have achieved full scores (my Guardians review will be up on January 2nd) *SPOILERS!* because even with any faults to be found, they're just so much fun to watch you can't help but be swept up in their journey!

  2. Glad you liked it – how awesome were the ending credits? A lot of fun and I thought Jillian Bell completely stole the film.

    1. Ha ha, those have to be the best end credit's I've ever seen. I wasn't expecting them, to be honest, so it really surprised me when they came up. At least you know which order the sequels are gonna happen, I guess!! LOL!!!

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