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  1. I'll be honest and say that I didn't read much of your review…yet. I plan to see it relatively soon after it comes out, so I don't wanna get all spoiled. That being said, I read the section on you going in knowing the characters and this movie being able to just jump right in without all the origin story stuff. That's all I need. I'm pumped. Comic movies have suffered from that origin plague for far too long, so I'm eager to sit down and get a fun ride. Awesome!

      1. Yeah, you were right, I loved it. One of the most fun days at the movies I've had in a while. This is exactly the comic movie I've wanted for so long. Hopefully they can keep up this head of steam and make the "second arc" of Marvel movies just as awesome. Great review, too! I was finally able to read it now, can't believe it's already been a month since you posted it!

        1.  @willsilver Yeah, I'm now looking forward to the "second arc" as well….. Man, so many great movies to come!! Can't wait!!  Glad you loved it…. I've added a link to your review with the others above!

  2. Like the person before me, I'll come back and read your review when I see and write about the film.

    Nice coverage though!

    1.  Thanks Sam! Can't wait to read your review – Not a lot of my blogging friends have review up yet to link to…. so send me the link when you can and I'll add you up above!

  3. I saw it yesterday, great fun. Even the 3D during the climax was really cool. Still, I'll have to post a review soon because I did have *some* issues with it…

  4. Minor correction: Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) was not in all of the Marvel Studios films. He never appeared in Captain America.

    1. A lesser director would have – I had a lot of faith in Whedon… it's a shame he's done so little in cinema since Firefly, but after this and Cabin In The Woods (which is getting plenty of positive reviews) I think he's back in a big way. Thanks for dropping by, Al!

  5. Loved it. Absolutely loved every minute of it. And I'm neither a comic book reader nor a fan of blockbuster action films in general, unless they're a bit smarter than what seems to be the norm. But I've liked all the recent Marvel films (excl. the Edward Norton Hulk one, which I haven't seen) and am a huge Joss Whedon fan, so when it was announced he was directing I got very excited.

    Probably the best destruction scenes ever put on a big screen, and some of the best fight scenes ever – Thor vs. Iron Man was jaw-droppingly awesome, and then they topped it with Thor vs. Hulk – combined with Whedon's superb snarky dialogue, effective tension and a real sense of character that just doesn't tend to show up in films of this kind and it was a true rollercoaster ride.

    Yeah, it has its flaws, mostly to do with the genre and what that means for things like the laws of physics and human physiology – but they were only minor ones, and didn't detract from the overall experience (as they say).

    Great script, great cast, great performances, stunning effects – the whole works. Best film I've seen in a while.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jamie! yes, I agree – it's damn near the best comic book film ever, right up there with Superman and The Dark Knight. You should check out the Norton Hulk, just to see how well they did with Ruffalo!

  6. Two of my friends, who are comic book mad, saw this on Friday and pretty much had the same thoughts about the film. I'm not a comic book fan so I don't have the enthusiasm for this as many others but I may check it out during its theatrical run.

    1. Mate. Seriously. You need to see this film. It's actually quite awesome as a film, regardless of your feelings towards "comic book movies" which this is perhaps the pinnacle of. Check back here when you see it!

    2.  Mate, you need to see this film. It's awesome – don't wait for the BlURay, you have to see this in the cinema!!!

  7. Great review, got me into the Theatre to see Avengers. Runs on all 8 cylinders from start to finish, thx Rodney

  8. All right Rodney! Glad you enjoyed this man. Entertaining spectacle is exactly what this one aimed for and it hits bulls eye!

    1.  @rtm Thanks Ruth! I did really enjoy this film, and cannot wait to get it on BluRay when it comes out – apparently there's 30 minutes of extra deleted scenes, and here in Australia we missed that post-credits scene the folks in the USA got, so that'll be included as well!!

        1.  @rtm Really? Is that it? Wow, I'm not sure sitting through ten minutes of credits is worth it just for that!  Thanks for including the link, though Ruth!

  9. I absolutely loved this flick! Like the blurb above mentions, this is for the geek in all of us.

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