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…And a new film fan was born…

Afternoon all!

Just wanted to drop by and let you know about some recent events here behind-the-scenes at My wife, the gorgeous Lisa T, gave birth to our second child, a son, early Sunday morning, around 4.10. Bastian Patrick is doing well, and as you read this both mum and bub are home from hospital and recuperating at home. So, if you’re wondering why there’s not much going on with the site at the moment, or in the very near future, this is why. We’ll be back next week with another of our Greatest of The Modern Age series, so until then, stay strange!!

Here’s a pic as proof I’m not just slacking off!


21 thoughts on “…And a new film fan was born…

  1.  Congratulations! Now you're venturing into a new era of your film watching. You'll be surprised at how early they enjoy it. Just watch out for the sun. It creeps grown-ups out!

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