8 thoughts on “The 84th Academy Awards – Nominations

  1. I loved The Artist and I hope it wins every award there is, but I just can't get over Albert Brooks being snubbed. Hopefully some of your upcoming articles devote some time to this sad, undeserved tragedy.

  2. I think the Oscars are pretty shitty this year. There's an inexplicable lack of Drive in the list (just sound editing, really?) and I think The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo got way too little as well, though I'm hoping Rooney Mara wins herself the Best Actress Oscar. Other than that I hope The Tree of Life gets all it can, I'd like to see Rango win best animated and Bullhead win Best Foreign. Can't really say anything about the other films, as there are plenty I have yet to see.

    1. @ Vik – Rango winning best Animated Feature would be sweet – it was a terrific film, well animated, and deserving of the gong should it get it.

  3. Slim pickings this year,you ask me. i still have yet to see Drive, but when The Artist is the least bad movie on the list… Although, i plan to see The Descendants this weekend, so maybe that'll be good enough for me to get pissed off over after it loses to The Artist.

    1. Al – The wife went to see The Descendents with a friend last night… she came back with a rather pained expression on her face. I'm keen to know what you think of it! And you should get around to seeing Drive sooner rather than later!

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