Vale – Gary Winick

Gary Winick - 1961-2011

Gary Winick, the director of films such as Letters To Juliet and Charlotte’s Web (2006), has died in hospital. Winick, who also directed 13 Going On 30 (aka Suddenly 30 in some territories) with Jennifer Garner, November, Bride Wars (with Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson) and Pieces Of April (for which actress Patricia Clarkson was nominated for an Oscar), had a prolonged battle with brain cancer, and died on Feburary 27th, a month shy of his 50th birthday.

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4 Thoughts to “Vale – Gary Winick”

  1. I loved Letters to Juliet, but hated Suddenly 30 (although I guess that was more the screenwriter's fault).

    1. Yeah, I didn't go for Suddenly 30 either. I half-watched Lisa watch Letters To Juliet, and it seemed quite good, but I wouldn't watch it myself.

  2. Dan

    Far too young.

    I was surprised how much I enjoyed 13 Going On 30. To be honest the name doesn't ring any bells but the body of work speaks for itself.

    1. You enjoyed 13 Going on 30????? Man….. dude…… why????

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