Morning folks! Well, it’s Australia Day here Down Under, and the news coming out of Hollywood once more affirms my belief that we have some of the worlds best actors: a bunch of Aussies are up for an Oscar this year, including first time nominee Jackie Weaver, for her astonishingly good portrayal of Janine Cody in local flick Animal Kingdom. Geoofrey Rush is once more in the running, for his Best Supporting Actor nod for The King’s Speech, alongside everyone’s favourite Brit, Colin Firth, who’s up for Best Actor for the same film. Perennial awards attendee Nicole Kidman is up for a Best Actress gong for her searing showing in Rabbit Hole. To me, the big surprise is the lack of inclusion of Inception director Christopher Nolan for Best Director, while the film he made is included in the expanded 10-Nominee list for best feature.

I’ve stolen the complete list of nominees from Wikipedia, and you can check it out below! I’m going to scour the list and give you my hot tips in a week or so.


Best Picture Best Director
Best Actor Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor Best Supporting Actress
Best Original Screenplay Best Adapted Screenplay
Best Animated Feature Best Foreign Language Film
Best Documentary Feature Best Documentary Short
Best Live Action Short Best Animated Short
  • The Confession – Tanel Toom
  • The Crush – Michael Creagh
  • God of Love – Luke Matheny
  • Na Wewe – Ivan Goldschmidt
  • Wish 143 – Ian Barnes
Best Original Score Best Original Song
Best Sound Editing Best Sound Mixing
Best Art Direction Best Cinematography
Best Makeup Best Costume Design
Best Film Editing Best Visual Effects
  • Alice in Wonderland – Ken Ralston, David Schaub, Carey Villegas and Sean Phillips
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 – Tim Burke, John Richardson, Christian Manz and Nicolas Aithadi
  • Hereafter – Michael Owens, Bryan Grill, Stephan Trojanski and Joe Farrell
  • Inception – Paul Franklin, Chris Corbould, Andrew Lockley and Peter Bebb
  • Iron Man 2 – Janek Sirrs, Ben Snow, Ged Wright and Daniel Sudick

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2 thoughts on “83rd Academy Awards – The Nominations

  1. I'd love to see The King's Speech or Black Swan burst The Social Network's bubble. But I'm predicting Hollywood will side with the Fincher/Sorkin combo.

  2. I'm not all that disappointed with the Oscars this year, except no love for Christopher Nolan, or The Town for that matter. However, it doesn't matter all that much really since The Social Network is practically going to win everything it's nominated for. Which kind of blows, but hey it really was an amazing piece of work. Can't wait for the show!

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