Welcome to 2011 – Happy New Year!!

Welcome to 2011 everyone! It’s great to be here, and we hope you all enjoyed your holiday season as much as we did. We’re still away from the office at the moment, and the site is currently running on autopilot (in a good way, not that sinister WALL-E way!), but we thought now would be a good time to show you our new look! We promised that we’d have a little bit of a spit-and-polish around the site over the last month, and we’ve streamlined much of the content as well.

You may have noticed the shiny new logo at the top of the page, it’s a format we liked while doing the redesign we’ve decided to adopt it as our logo for the website – our original logo will still appear on all our film and video projects, but this new one is a little spiffier, a little classier, and we think just that much more easy to look at. Many of our page links have been modified accordingly, and we’ve changed the layout of our sidebar a tad, too. Don’t be frightened, this is still the same fernbyfilms.com, just a little different. Enjoy!

Oh, welcome to 2011!!!!! It’s sure to be a great year.

Rodney T – Editor, fernbyfilms.com

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4 thoughts on “Welcome to 2011 – Happy New Year!!

  1. Happy New Year! O.K. So I'm a little late and I've had more than an occasion to sit down and say hello and send the cheers and all that. Lets just say I'm glad the old year is behind me and look forward to the new year – after of course I get through some old business from last year. You know those headaches that don't go away, that nagging feeling you left toast in the toaster after you've crossed the Bay bridge to get to work and there is no way, none, that you're going to make it back before your house burns if indeed you did leave that piece of toast. Lets just say I'm thinking about burning bread, eh?

    That to say I'm really glad to have stumbled upon Fernby films and truly appreciate your frequent visits to my site and our exchanges about movies. Best to you and yours for the new year – now go write about some more movies!

    1. Hey Rory! Thanks for dropping in again, and allow me to send similar sentiments your way as well! Keep up the great work over there Above The Line, and I look forward to reading more great stuff in 2011.

      I'm writin', I'm writin'!!!

      Pssst – I've never left bread in the toaster to burn! Don't worry too much about it!!

    1. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce Dan, who hails from England, and has just crossed the line. One day, Dan, Australia will rise again to be the powerhouse of the cricketing world (*shakes fist in the air*)…. ahh, who am I kidding…. good on the once dismal England cricket team for bowling, fielding, batting and sledging a whole bunch better than our mob. Well done.

      Oh, happy new year to all!

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