Vale – Arthur Penn

Arthur Penn - 1922-2010

Another piece of sad news we found floating about the internet this afternoon, which was news of acclaimed director Arthur Penn’s passing. Penn was responsible for giving us the unflinching violence of Bonnie & Clyde, in 1967. His other films include Target, Night Moves, Little Big Man, The Chase (1966)  and The Miracle Worker.

Arthur Penn died on September 28, aged 88.

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3 thoughts on “Vale – Arthur Penn

  1. Bonnie & Clyde was great – really, where would Warren Beatty, and American cinema in general, have been without him? However, it's the last act in Night Moves, involving the plane, that is brutally brilliant. Looking back on it, Little Big Man was also a huge film.

  2. I was saddened when I learned the news – almost as much when I heard we lost Tony Curtis last week as well. The great ones are aging and passing too quickly, hardly seems like they were given enough time and that in some small way their films should be better appreciated by mainstream audiences who frequently forget the reason for the big, nearly unwatchable films of today are because of the brilliance of a handful of filmmakers like Penn. I was just reading the other day about Bonnnie & Clyde from 1967 – wow, what an amazing film and for the time!

    Cheers Mr. Penn, you left a mark sir, a very, very big mark and thank you!

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