Vale – Glenn Shadix & Clive Donner

Glenn Shadix - 1959-2010

Updating our obits today, with a tip of the hat to two Hollywood alumni that have recently passed on. Actor Glenn¬† Shadix, best known as Otho in Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice, passed away yesterday aged 58. Shadix also appeared in two other Burton films, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Planet Of The Apes.

Clive Donner - 1926-2010

Director Clive Donner was responsible for giving us such cinematic treats as What’s New Pussycat, The Nude Bomb, Vampira and Stealing Heaven. He passed away yesterday, aged 84. His best known work is The Caretaker, a 1963 film starring Alan Bates, Robert Shaw and Donald Pleasance.

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