Vale – Claude Chabrol

Claude Chabrol - 1930-2010

Film buffs around the world, particularly those fond of French cinema, will be snapping a baguette today, in honour of legendary French director Claude Chabrol, who passed away over the weekend. Chabrol was a contemporary of Jean-Luc Goddard and François Truffaut, who began the movement known as the French New Wave cinema in the 50’s,  and over his career made over 60 films and episodes for TV shows.Among thos films he directed were Cop au Vin, Madame Bovary, La Femme infidèle, The Flower Of Evil, and most recently Bellamy.

Fernby Films acknowledges the passing of one of France’s most acclaimed cimema icons, and we tip our beret in his memory. Chabrol died on September 12, aged 80.

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