Vale – Patricia Neal

Patricia Neal - 1926-2010

Sad news this morning, folks, as we learn of the passing of Oscar winning actress Patricia Neal. Neal won her Oscar for her role in 1963’s Hud, opposite Paul Newman, and was nominated for the Best Actress category a few years later in The Subject Was Roses. Her mainstream debut was in The Fountainhead in 1949, and later appeared opposite Michael Rennie in The Day The Earth Stood Still. Other film appearances include Breakfast At Tiffany’s, A Face In The CrowdAll Quiet On The Western Front (1979) and Operation Pacific.

Patricia Neal died at her home in Massachusetts. She was 84.

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  1. A sad story indeed. I'm often moved by the tragedy of Hollywood, the countless dedication of her minions, the tireless years of ones life exchanged for a glimpse of fame, fortune, and that giant sign that has hypnotized many a lost soul. Patricia Neal was a classic star who possessed a silent intensity behind her eyes, an inner struggle that translated well on-camera. She won awards when they mattered more, I think, when the craft was the award and the award merely a reminder you made a mark and people noticed.

    1. Agreed 100%. Too many stars today look for an Oscar (and any other award) as a matter of prestige for their career, instead of a simple acknowledgement of their craft. Well said Rory. Well said.

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