Resident Evil: Afterlife Trailer online now!!

I’ll admit to a passing interest in the Resident Evil films, if only for a glimpse of the always cool looking Milla Jovovich.The first film just rocked my world, the second was kind of like watching a G rated porn film, and the third messed up a few things while getting the majority right. Unfortunately, this trailer for Afterlife makes me want to gouge out my own eyeballs before I’ll sit down and watch it. The main problems? 1) Don’t base your trailer around the technology used to film the movie. That’s just asking for trouble. Especially linking it with James Cameron. If that’s all you got, you just know the story is gonna suck. 2) So many things about this trailer have been seen in other (better) films, including Underworld, The Matrix Reloaded (the backwards falling gunshots out a window bit!) and even that other Milla flick UltraViolet. So if you can’t think of something original, then get outta my face. Still, I include this trailer because it’s unique in its suckiness….

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    1. Apparently. If you watch the film in fast forward, the entire thing lasts three minutes. Realising they had no decent plot, they went for the slo-mo look. 😉

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