Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland – Trailer 2

Spotted this trailer a week ago, only just got around to posting it. This film looks far from a remake of the Disney version, and I for one cannot wait to embark upon Burtons latest mad journey!!!

Who wrote this?

2 thoughts on “Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland – Trailer 2

  1. WOW.

    That really looks awesome.

    Also, I know wikipedia says otherwise, but I swear the story of Alice in Wonderland was really the story of someone's hallucinogenic trip. Mushrooms, opiates, something like that.

    1. I seem to recall reading an article somewhere that Lewis Carroll, the author of Through the Looking Glass (or, Alice's Adventures In Wonderland) may have very well been high on drugs to concoct such an outlandish story…. and the imagery in the film (especially Alice drinking a potion to make herself smaller and larger) certainly represents that.
      Although, this version of Alice In Wonderland is apparently a continuation of the story, not a remake of the origin story. Can't wait to see it!!!

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