From The Archives – Sonfest 2002: Part 4


For the first time here at, we are proud to present the latest Archive material release for your delectation. Directed by Warwick Twelftree, Sonfest 2002 is a documentary film look at one of the largest Christian open-air music festivals in Australia, covered in 2002. We present the film in it’s original, unedited format, across four parts. Today, we present part 4.

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2 thoughts on “From The Archives – Sonfest 2002: Part 4

  1. Can someone please help me find an online copy of this doco? I attended that Sonfest and I was able to interview many of the bands that played, i was even present for Delirious’ press conference. Please tell me theres a way to watch thia doco!

    1. Hi Ktk! Sadly, due to copyright issues, no version of Sonfest from 2002 is available online to watch.

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