From The Zion Archives – Our 2009 Matrix Promotions!

When we first kicked off this website, back in 2007, it wasn’t originally a film reviews site – you can check out a lot of the early posts using the widget in the sidebar – but after returning from an overseas trip in 2008, and having had a chance to reflect on what the site stood for, I realized it was a perfect opportunity to get some of my thoughts about film out into the public arena. So it became the site you now see, although originally it wasn’t as flashy, and there was nowhere near as much content. My original plan for The Matrix, and its sequels, was to review them in 2009, and made plans to do so. These plans included an array of promotional material which went up on the site in various places, namely in the sidebar where I used to advertise upcoming stuff – something we no longer do. I began to write my reviews of the trilogy, and then left them to pursue other film interests and reviews, and only returned to those original reviews in moments when the urge might take me. But I’d always put them on the back-burner, for reasons I can’t fully explain, but perhaps due to a lack of interest in writing them at the time. As the years passed, I always promised myself that I’d get those damn Matrix reviews written, but never quite found the time and inclination – until this week, of course.

As part of our celebration of The Matrix Trilogy, I’ve decided to let you all bear witness to the original promotional material I made up for the site way back in 2009. Below is a gallery of stuff from our archives, dredged up from the back corner of one of my hard-drives, presented in all their glory for you to see. I’ve also included the more recent promotional material for our current Matrix Week, just for comparison.

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