Fernby Films Archive Editions – Hello Annabel Part 5

For the first time, fernbyfilms.com has been granted exclusive access into the vaults of Fernby Films. In 2001, director Warwick Twelftree edited together a film montage in honour of their overseas friend, Annabel Green. Using Fernby Films alumni Lochy Cupit, and founder Rodney Twelftree as cameramen, Hello Annabel was a tribute to the effect her presence had upon her friends in Adelaide.

Here, we present the complete Hello Annabel, in a 6 part series. Director Warwick Twelftree has written special comments for the film, and we present them here also.


Technically “Hello Annabel” is a film all about experiments! Bad camera angles, light and dark, bad sound, good sound, clip to short, clip too long, rogue frame etc..

From a watchability perspective and professionalism point of view, this film scores a very low 0/10. Anybody who dared pull this movie off the shelf when visiting a mate and accidently yelled “Hey, What’s this about” usually followed by an overwhelming response of “AWESOME, I havn’t seen that film for ages, it is Soooooo good” will more than likely regret the decision and wish that there was some way that they could re-gain the lost 50 minutes of their life.



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