Fernby Films Archive Editions – Hello Annabel Part 6

For the first time, fernbyfilms.com has been granted exclusive access into the vaults of Fernby Films. In 2001, director Warwick Twelftree edited together a film montage in honour of their overseas friend, Annabel Green. Using Fernby Films alumni Lochy Cupit, and founder Rodney Twelftree as cameramen, Hello Annabel was a tribute to the effect her presence had upon her friends in Adelaide.

Here, we present the complete Hello Annabel, in a 6 part series. Director Warwick Twelftree has written special comments for the film, and we present them here also.


Technically Hello Annabel is a film all about experiments! Bad camera angles, light and dark, bad sound, good sound, clip to short, clip too long, rogue frame etc..

From a watchability perspective and professionalism point of view, this film scores a very low 0/10. Anybody who dared pull this movie off the shelf when visiting a mate and accidently yelled “Hey, What’s this about” usually followed by an overwhelming response of “AWESOME, I havn’t seen that film for ages, it is Soooooo good” will more than likely regret the decision and wish that there was some way that they could re-gain the lost 50 minutes of their life.

From a memoir perspective and for capturing the moment much like a moving photo album, this production is priceless! For anyone who knew Annabel or any of the related people in the movie, if your eyes are not glassy at the end of the movie, there is something wrong with you.

For a movie made on a cardboard box and a Fridge compressor, this movie is a wonderful achievement that will go down in history.

For me it is stacked on the shelf with Star Wars and Lord Of The Rings but viewed more often.


Bravo Fernby Films, Bravo.



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