Fernby Films Archive Editions – Hello Annabel Part 4

For the first time, fernbyfilms.com has been granted exclusive access into the vaults of Fernby Films. In 2001, director Warwick Twelftree edited together a film montage in honour of their overseas friend, Annabel Green. Using Fernby Films alumni Lochy Cupit, and founder Rodney Twelftree as cameramen, Hello Annabel was a tribute to the effect her presence had upon her friends in Adelaide.

Here, we present the complete Hello Annabel, in a 6 part series. Director Warwick Twelftree has written special comments for the film, and we present them here also.


Hello Annabel visits person after person, place after place and memory after memory. Mixed with a fantastic selection of music reminiscent of that era, the movie continues to move without a dull moment. Well, at least not for anyone in the film who know both the places and the people anyway.

Interviewees from the movie who we still keep in contact with have changed so much and those who have been forgotten about are “as they always were” etched in our memories and in VHS forever.


Hello Annabel also features a cameo from the first “thrash bus” car (Mitsubishi colt) which features in both “Thrash bus” and “Thrash bus 2, clone of the thrash bus” movies which would later be produced by Fernby films.


Brenton Ragless who can now be found on commercial television presenting the weather and Len Firth pop up in a scene from “life FM”, again, ice broken by “the Joke”. These 2 fellas were  kind enough to let the Fernby films film crew into their studio at a ridiculously early time of the morning to allow them to prove to Annabel that we would go to any length to fill the movie with Cameo’s of cool people and ultimately show her how much she was missed.



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