Movie Review – Carnosaur


Celebrating the Worst Films of All Time, brings you another in the list of possibly the cruddiest movies you’ll ever see…. perhaps, though, you should take our advice and never glance upon these celluloid travesties…. EVER! You have been warned!!!


This will go down in history as one of the stupidest films I have ever had the pleasure of fast-forwarding through. Carnosaur touted itself as being a lesser known Jurassic Park (they were released in the same year) but if you can compare the hand puppet effects of this film to the CGI dazzlement of the Spielberg flick, then you’re less discerning than I am. I have often touted this film as one of the stupidest, most ludicrous pieces of crap ever made.

The main creature is a muppet. Seriously. The “monster” of the film is a meter-tall hand puppet, with about as much “scary” potential as a glass of water. Dianne Ladd, the “star” of this shocker, must surely be regretting taking any money for this tripe. It’s ludicrously plotted, stupidly directed and so low budget as to be almost home-movie-ish in outcome.

Strangely, the fact that this film spawned two sequels (which I never bothered with) defies belief. This film is so bad that I had my finger on the fast forward button on the remote for the majority of the runtime; not a fine endorsement if ever I gave one. After the first ten minutes of ludicrous “acting” from the cast, you kind of work out that this film is going to be a complete chore.

This still remains my contender for Worst Film Ever Made. Back for revenge indeed.