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A quick update on events occurring overseas even as I type this; specifically, in reference to my previous post on the Blu-Ray issue.

 Today, Paramount Pictures formally announced that it too would join the Blu-Ray club. Which means that all the major Hollywood studios now support Blu-Ray exclusively.

The link below leads to the website article explaining things clearer than I even could.


Consider HD-DVD in the same way you would the Dodo or the Tasmanian Tiger.

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  1. greyphoenix February 22, 2008

    Yeah, it was pretty much assumed that they’d have to change to Blu-Ray.
    It is certainly good to know the format war is over.

    The next war is meant to be Blu-Ray versus the Internet, but personally I think they are 2 different markets.
    Blu-ray is much higher quality and is more competing with Cinema’s than online.
    Cinema’s will have to differentiate by showing more movies in 3D.

    The Internet is better for TV series (smaller downloads than movies), and YouTube style user generated content.

    Still interesting times ahead.

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