Oscar 2008 – My Tips

I have to say, this will be difficult for me to write. Most of the Oscar nominated films I have yet to see. The following list is a series of guesses based on opinions I trust, gut feelings, and what/who I would LIKE to see win.

Best PictureNo Country For Old Men

The Cohen brothers have consistently put out quality material, and if the opinion of this film is anything to go by, the Cohens will finally scoop a Best Picture Oscar, as well as the Best Director/s nod.

Best DirectorJoel & Ethan Cohen

O Brother Where Art Thou. Barton Fink. Intolerable Cruelty. The Ladykillers. The Man Who Wasn’t There. Millers Crossing. Some of the most eclectic and eccentric film ever made… The Cohens always manage to inject some bizarre fascination into their films. Odds on that the Academy will finally summon the courage to award them the gong this year.

Best ActorViggo Mortensen

Highly improbable, I know, but Daniel Day Lewis wins every award he’s nominated for, and Clooney doesn’t have the support of the general Academy historically, so I’ll go for an outsider. Mortensen for Oscar. Long shot, but you just never know.

Best ActressCate Blanchett

Everybody’s talking about Julie Christie winning the Oscar this year, but I cannot go past the best Aussie actress in recent memory. Reprising her (Oscar winning) role as QEI places her in good stead. Don’t count her out.

Best Supporting ActorCasey Affleck

Not sure about this, with the quality of people next to him, but I’d like Casey to win just so he doesn’t have to stand in big brother Ben’s shadow any longer.

Best Supporting ActressCate Blanchett

Haven’t heard much about any of these performances, with the exception of Cate, so I’ll take the easy option here and choose our girls second Oscar for the night.

Best Animated FeatureRatatouille

Surf’s Up was a more humerous film, but Ratatouille provided more entertainment overall, and thus, gets my nod for Best Animated Film. Havent seen Persepolis, so cannot comment on it.


Best Sound Editing – Ethan Van Der Ryan for Transformers. Ryan made sure the industry took notice when he edited Lord Of The Rings sound, so this should be a shoe-in.

Best Sound Mixing – hmmm… This is a hard one. I’ll go with Transformers, although should Bourne Ultimatum get it, I wont be disappointed.

Best Musical Score – No idea, although I’d love Michael Giacchino to win for Ratatouille.

So there you have it, my pick for the Oscars. I won’t be posting until after then, so check back on Tuesday to see how I went.

I’ll be sitting on the couch with my Coke and a block of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, and enjoying my Monday night!!! It’s my tradition, get your own!!!

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