Revenge Of The Hobbit

Well, it seems as though legions of film fans around the world can breathe just a little easier today. Yesterday it was announced by New Line Cinema and MGM Studios, as well as famed director and one of my idols, Peter Jackson, that the movie version of The Hobbit, the precurser to The Lord of The Rings, is finally a go. Given the recent issues Jackson had with New Line, losing out on a percentage of the profits on Fellowship Of The Ring, and the fact that New Line have had a string of flops in the last year or so, meant that the Hobbit was not always a foregone conclusion. Now, thanks to cooler heads prevailing, it is so.

And I, for one, could not be happier. Not since the announcement of the original LORT trilogy have I been so excited about an upcoming film event. And not only will there be one Hobbit film, but a second one (the nature of which there is substantial speculation) as well.

Consider me now in Hobbit heaven!

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  1. Well, I personally looked forward to Transformers and The Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions more, although I was rather let down by the Matrix sequels.

    Still, The Hobbit should be good.

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