Foley, ADR, and a bung knee!

Well, the filming of SYJ pickups didn’t go exactly as planned yesterday. Whilst the weather was undoubtably the best day for filming I think we’ve ever had thus far on this project, Stephen was a no-show due to family issues that pounced upon him. Which meant that we were unable to film the reshoots and pickups. But we did manage to get Jamie into the editing studio and record some ADR and dubbing for use on the film.

It all stems from the original audio recorded at the time of principal photography, some of which is uttely unuseable. Now, I have never done anything like ADR before on a film, as I always considered it a magnificent bastard of a thing to try and accomplish. But considering how much effort has gone into this project already, I felt it prudent to give it a shot. Thankfully, Jamie was equal to the task, and we got some awesome dubbing and vocalisations that will come in handy in the final mix.

After Jamie had been dropped at work for the afternoon, Mick and I set about recording foley and effects for the film (and some sounds not for the film) until about 8pm last night. We purchased some fruit and set about stabbing, dropping, squashing, slicing, tearing and squelching our way through various items of fruit in order to get strange and varied sounds.

Unfortunately, whilst performing some movements to get some foley, I managed to stuff my right knee, which is now giving me all kinds of holy moley heck. A day later, and it’s really noticeable.

Anyway, suffering for one’s art is nothing new, so I guess bearing with it, and trusting that it’ll all be worth it in the end, will have to suffice!

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