The Ferncast – Episode 3: American Sniper + iiNet vs Dallas Buyers Club clarification


Welcome to our third Ferncast! Today we’re talking about American Sniper, a film we’ve reviewed here at Fernby Films but felt it pertinent to discuss as part of its Oscar nomination and subsequent campaign. In a small “stop the presses” moment, we also discuss our stance on the recent case between the producers of Dallas Buyers Club (Voltage Pictures) and iiNet, one of Australia’s large ISP’s, who have recently had a court case to determine if Voltage can be given the names and addresses of people it suspects of illegally pirating their movie. You can find our original article about that here, but we felt it prudent to clarify some of our statements in that article.

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The Ferncast: Episode 2 – Star Wars, Disney, Liam Neeson and more….


Welcome to the second Ferncast, our regular podcast series in which we talk about all kinds of movie news and stuff. This episode features news on the Toy Story franchise, Star Wars, Liam Neeson, and some interesting tidbits about the Tron universe. Have a listen, and leave us your comments below!

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The Ferncast – Episode #1: Oscars Wrap, Marvel’s Explosion, and DC’s Upcoming films


Welcome to the first episode of The Ferncast – our official Podcast! – and in it, we take a look at the Oscars of 2015, Marvel’s re-acquisition of Spider-Man into the fold, and other news that’s been around a while.

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