The Ferncast – Episode #1: Oscars Wrap, Marvel’s Explosion, and DC’s Upcoming films


Welcome to the first episode of The Ferncast – our official Podcast! – and in it, we take a look at the Oscars of 2015, Marvel’s re-acquisition of Spider-Man into the fold, and other news that’s been around a while.

Being our first podcast attempt, we hope you appreciate our virgin status, and bear with us as we make mistakes, flub a few lines, and get things wrong! Give us a chance, please!!!

So settle back as we take stock of everything in film, in this, the first ever Ferncast! Enjoy!!



Download the audio directly by saving this link as a file to your PC or mobile device.


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10 thoughts on “The Ferncast – Episode #1: Oscars Wrap, Marvel’s Explosion, and DC’s Upcoming films

  1. Great job! I second Dan in saying, "You're a natural!" You've got the radio voice down pat, and I was surprised at how well it played as just a one-person show. It felt like a radio news show, so professional and easy to listen to. A second person would add personality (because I imagine it would be more conversational in tone), but it really works as is. You've proved to me that a one-man show actually can be good!
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    1. Thanks man. I'm working on my next Ferncast as I type this, and it's amazing how much planning needs to go into something like this. Cutting out all the "um" and "errr" moments is a pain too. I guess it's easier as an audio format because you're not obligated to match visual continuity or even worry about appearance. I could record a podcast in my underwear if I wanted to, and nobody would know. well, except me.

      If you ever need a second voice for a podcast of your own, let me know! Aligning time differences aside, it could work….?

  2. Brilliant intro and then great content throughout! Nicely done, very professional and interesting content. I also liked how you were able to use the music at different parts. For a first podcast, you've set the bar rather high for yourself! Keep up the god work, my friend.
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    1. I know. I lie awake at night, staring at the ceiling, wondering how the hell I'm going to top that first podcast. 😉

  3. The Rod! Damn, you make it sound easy. i've been tempted to throw one of these up and this just may gice me the nudge i need to get off my lazy ass. Thanks for the inspiration, brother.

    And you know she pronounces her name Cara Delavagina! 😉
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  4. A Ferncast? Will definitely be checking this one out as I listen quite a lot of podcasts.

    Sorry haven't been around much but job wise there were a lot of changes, which meant not a lot of time for movie blog related things (even my own one)…
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