The Ferncast – Episode #1: Oscars Wrap, Marvel’s Explosion, and DC’s Upcoming films



Welcome to the first episode of The Ferncast – our official Podcast! – and in it, we take a look at the Oscars of 2015, Marvel’s re-acquisition of Spider-Man into the fold, and other news that’s been around a while.

Being our first podcast attempt, we hope you appreciate our virgin status, and bear with us as we make mistakes, flub a few lines, and get things wrong! Give us a chance, please!!!

So settle back as we take stock of everything in film, in this, the first ever Ferncast! Enjoy!!



Download the audio directly by saving this link as a file to your PC or mobile device.


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10 thoughts on “The Ferncast – Episode #1: Oscars Wrap, Marvel’s Explosion, and DC’s Upcoming films

  1. A Ferncast? Will definitely be checking this one out as I listen quite a lot of podcasts.

    Sorry haven't been around much but job wise there were a lot of changes, which meant not a lot of time for movie blog related things (even my own one)…
    My recent post La Jetée (1962)

  2. The Rod! Damn, you make it sound easy. i've been tempted to throw one of these up and this just may gice me the nudge i need to get off my lazy ass. Thanks for the inspiration, brother.

    And you know she pronounces her name Cara Delavagina! 😉
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  3. Brilliant intro and then great content throughout! Nicely done, very professional and interesting content. I also liked how you were able to use the music at different parts. For a first podcast, you've set the bar rather high for yourself! Keep up the god work, my friend.
    My recent post WTF: LIfe After Beth (2014)

  4. Great job! I second Dan in saying, "You're a natural!" You've got the radio voice down pat, and I was surprised at how well it played as just a one-person show. It felt like a radio news show, so professional and easy to listen to. A second person would add personality (because I imagine it would be more conversational in tone), but it really works as is. You've proved to me that a one-man show actually can be good!
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    1. Thanks man. I'm working on my next Ferncast as I type this, and it's amazing how much planning needs to go into something like this. Cutting out all the "um" and "errr" moments is a pain too. I guess it's easier as an audio format because you're not obligated to match visual continuity or even worry about appearance. I could record a podcast in my underwear if I wanted to, and nobody would know. well, except me.

      If you ever need a second voice for a podcast of your own, let me know! Aligning time differences aside, it could work….?

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