Trailer Trash!

Trailer Trash! – Johnny English Strikes Again (Trailer #1)

I’m not quite sure exactly who was clamouring for a third Johnny English film, but we’re getting one anyway. Rowan Atkinson once again does his best “I’m not Inspector Clouseau” impression as the bumbling British not-quite-superspy in the next instalment of a franchise I’d honestly forgotten about. Trailer below.

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  1. Yeah I watched the second one just the other day. It was very overlong and the jokes are really recycled. If Atkinson wants to give fabs what they want, he’d be better off doing another Bean movie!

    • From memory, not even the last Mr Bean movie was much good. I’m not sure Atkinson is suited to the big screen in a leading role, maybe he’s better off sticking to the small screen….

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Trailer Trash! – Johnny English Strikes Again (Trailer #1)

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