Trailer Trash!

Trailer Trash! – Warcraft Trailer #2 brings the thunder!


I’ve never played the game on which this film is based – apparently it’s pretty popular – and the first trailer felt like a weird mash-up of Lord Of The Rings, Avatar and a Mortal Combat. I was kinda unimpressed. This trailer, however, looks cool, with plenty of jaw-dropping moments that stand to make me excited for Duncan Jones’ film to be released! Warcraft still feels too CG for my liking (I’m kinda worn out on CG overkill in films, TBH) but if the story and characters are strong this might make for a really entertaining fantasy epic. I hope so – Jones’ famous Twitter “arguments” with fellow director Rian Johnson (Star Wars: Rogue One) are legendary for all the shit they give each other in the name of laughs.

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Trailer Trash! – Warcraft Trailer #2 brings the thunder!

by Rodney Twelftree
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