Vale – Irvin Kershner

Irvin Kershner (with Yoda) - 1923-2010

Irvin Kershner did what no other film director had done before. He took the sequel to mega-successful Star Wars and made it better. Irvin Kershner, the director of The Empire Strikes Back, has passed away aged 87. Kershner, while best known for his Star Wars success, in which he introduced Yoda, Lando Calrissian and a slew of other characters, and made the Force oh so cool, also directed Bond epic Never Say Never Again, and RoboCop 2. His pre-Star Wars films include Face In The Rain, A Fine Madness, Loving, and The Return Of A Man Called Horse.

As an actor, he appeared as Zebedee in The Last Temptation Of Christ, as well as a film director in On Deadly Ground, for Steven Segal.

Kershner passed away after a long illness, on November 29th.

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  1. I saw Connery on TV in the late 1980s saying Never Say … was directed by the assistant director, not the director, so obviously they had something of a falling out (the old Scottish bodybuilder didn't look like he was joking). When I first saw RoboCop II in the early 1990s I thought its depiction of smashing the semi robot to pieces was brutal – nasty violence by proxy. Haven't looked at it since.

    • Robocop II was nearly as awesome as the original – brutal and nasty (as you mentioned) but totally worth it. Hmmm, I'd never heard that Connery had a falling out with Kershner… makes for interesting fodder next time I watch Never Say again!

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Vale – Irvin Kershner

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