/Top Ten Biggest Box Office Bombs

Top Ten Biggest Box Office Bombs

We published a similar list during our first Worst Film Week, so we thought it was about time to bring back the infamous list of the biggest box-office bombs of all time. Based on earnings (or lack thereof) compared to their cost to produce, these films are the biggest wastes of money to date. The below list is adjusted for 2008 dollars, with the most costly being the film that bankrupted Carolco Pictures, Cutthroat Island.

Film↓ Year↓ Total cost (production+marketing) (USD)↓ Worldwide theater gross (USD)↓ Net losses (USD)↓ Net losses inflation adjusted (2008 USD)↓
Cutthroat Island 1995 115,000,000 10,017,322 -104,982,678 -146,947,958
The Alamo 2004 145,000,000 25,819,961 -119,180,039 -134,784,016
The Adventures of Pluto Nash 2002 120,000,000 7,103,973 -112,896,027 -134,396,524
Sahara 2005 241,000,000 119,269,486 -121,730,514 -133,141,605
The 13th Warrior 1999 160,000,000 61,698,899 -98,301,101 -125,887,312
Town & Country 2001 105,000,000 10,372,291 -94,627,709 -115,352,672
Speed Racer 2008 200,000,000 93,945,766 -106,054,234 -106,054,234
Heaven’s Gate 1980 44,000,000* 3,484,331 -40,515,669 -104,542,449
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within 2001 167,000,000 85,131,830 -81,868,170 -99,798,592
Inchon 1982 46,000,000* 5,200,986 -40,799,014 -89,870,942

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