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Trailer – District 9

Holy Moley, this film looks awesome. The latest trailer from Neill Blomkamps directorial feature debut, as a protege of uber-director Peter Jackson, and they look to have crafted what could be this years Cloverfield. A sci-fi Alien action film, this movie has been a viral hit across the world wide web, and now a magnificent new trailer has been unleashed upon us all. I have to say, this film looks strangely amazing: it’s set in South Africa and there’s not a skyscraper or city to be seen that can be wiped out Independence Day-style! Feast your eyes on this magnificent trailer!! Check out the HD version for superior resolution, and to be amazed at what you see!!

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    • I particularly like the hand-held feel to the movie, the way the camera isn't preoccupied with the effects, rather, it's more worried about the people, and the effects are slotted in the background, almost as an afterthought.
      Does this strike you as just a little "Cloverfiel"-ish, in terms of the way it's done?

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Trailer – District 9

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