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This week on – 18/01/09

Morning all. What a week we’ve got in store for you, especially if you’re a fan of Tolkien, and the Lord of The Rings films. This week, we pull apart Jackson’s film trilogy, give it a good reviewing, as well as looking forward to the immediate, and distant, future. We check out the Ralph Bakshi version of LOTR, since that’s a “classic” take on Tolkiens’ work. Plus, we disect the Extended Editions and compare them to the Theatrical Versions as well. It’s all Lord Of The Rings this week folks, so settle back, grab a coffee or three, and prepare yourself.

That said, a few of our regular reviews have been pushed to next week, so if you were hoping for a bit of Tolkien relief this week, you’ll be disappointed.

The Secret Squirrel, a big fan of the world of Middle Earth, chimes in later today with the regular comment, so check back in a few hours to see that!

And, if I may spend a moment quickly promoting a future event here today, next week on we upload our next Archive feature, the 2002 effort from Warwick T, Sonfest 2002, a mini-documentary capturing the Australian music festival held each year in the Blue Mountains. As the title may suggest, it’s based on the event from 2002, so don’t expect current events here. Anyway, that’s next week. I’ll give you more info in next Sunday’s From the Editor column.

Also this week, butting into our LOTR event, the Oscar nominations are announced for the 81st Academy Awards, which we’ll upload on Friday, in advance of our special Oscar coverage in February. Yessir, it’s a big week here at

Until then, however, enjoy our week-long exploration of the Lord Of The Ring’s Trilogy.

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This week on – 18/01/09

by Rodney Twelftree
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