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Schoolyard Justice – Premiere Date Announcement

Good evening all,

Regular readers will know about the forthcoming release of Schoolyard Justice, the short film I have been working on with Mick Kubler over at Grey Phoenix. For the link, scamper across to if you don’t know it already. I am pleased to announce that a release date has now been set.

The film will go live on the web on June 27th, 2008, in Adelaide, Australia.

The official cast premiere will occur the previous evening, which is by invite only.

If you register at the official website, you’ll automatically recieve an email letting you know the moment the film is available for viewing.

The film is around 15 minutes long. It will initially be available only as a high quality stream, with lower bandwidth version coming online in due time.

Details of the film coming to DVD are yet to be determined, but will be announced on the official site, and on this one, when they occur. The DVD will be available to purchase for a minimal fee TBC.

Here is the films final trailer (in multiple versions for your internet speed), also available to view in larger format on the official website.

SYJ Trailer – Final   (Small)

SYJ Trailer – Final (Large)

SYJ Trailer (Quicktime)

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Schoolyard Justice – Premiere Date Announcement

by Rodney Twelftree
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