I found the TARDIS – best two photos ever taken.

Just outside Earl’s Court tube station in London, I came across a familiar sight….. well, familiar if you’re a fan of Doctor Who. Like me.

Rodney in front of the TARDIS.

The TARDIS stands proud.

Unfortunately, the local council was repaving the footpath all around it, so a clear, unobstructed view was all but impossible; nevertheless, I got to see the TARDIS in real life!!!

And no Daleks to be seen anywhere.

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  1. Hehe, the Daleks are already inside, it's too late for the Doctor.

    Also, I like the No Smoking sign on the door, it's obviously an up to date version.

    You know, I'm surprised they actually have any of them. Thought they died out before the 1st Doctor Who series 😛

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I found the TARDIS – best two photos ever taken.

by Rodney Twelftree
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