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Schoolyard Justice Update #8

Well, things are progressing well with SYJ, for those keeping score. As you can imagine, the post production crunch is keeping me on my toes (along with everybody else involved with the project!) and things are bubbling along.

Final sound mixing is currently underway, and Mick and I had a meeting with Ryan tonight regarding development of the music. Themes and ideas keep coming up and getting thrown into the pot, so filtering the good from the bad is a real challenge. Although, thankfully, there aren’t too many bad ideas in this project.

As the deadline for my work on the film looms, and I can hand over to Mick for some of his post production work while I am away in Europe, I am increasingly aware of how hard it must be for big Hollywood productions with hundreds of people working on a single goal to be controlled and massaged by the director. For me, it’s a simple (!) task of editing the film and mixing the sound. It’s up to Ryan to come up with the music. Mick is working on the video element to make things seem seamless and do the visual effects. Each person working towards a single goal: to make the film as good as it can possibly be. I think we’re succeeding. I can’t wait to try tackling a feature length project, but if it’s even double the complexity of the process involved with SYJ, we might still be getting off easy.

Anyway, more info as prost production work continues later this week.

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Schoolyard Justice Update #8

by Rodney Twelftree
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