/Schoolyard Justice – Update #5

Schoolyard Justice – Update #5


Just a quick update on the progress of Schoolyad Justice. This week, I will be meeting with Ryan Kris for further discussions on the music for the film, which is coming along well. On March 9th, further pickup filming will take place, as well as more ADR and Foley work with our main cast.

The current plan is to complete the film by mid April at the latest, with a premiere after Lisa and my trip to Europe, sometime in June.

The film is really looking good, I am quite happy with it, there’s just a few things to tinker with to get just right, before releasing it into the world.

Anyway, watch this space for updates on SYJ, or check the SYJ website (link in console to the right) for more info.

Plus, check out Micks blog regarding news on the new Knight Rider TV show. Sounds like it will actually be good!!!


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